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Derwent Garage, Calver Road,

Baslow, Bakewell DE45 1RP

Bakewell Pudding

Route 170 Daily, Hourly

Route 171/172 Monday to Saturday, 2 hourly

Route 173 Monday to Sunday, 2 hourly

Route 177 Monday to Saturday, 1 journey per day

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Bakewell claims to be the home of the authentic Bakewell Pudding and many believe it to originally come from the Rushbottom Lane district.

It is claimed that the recipe was originally something of an accidental invention of the 1860s, the result of a misunderstanding between Mrs Graves, Mistress of the Inn, and her kitchen assistant. A noblemen visiting the White Horse Inn (now called The Rutland Arms)ordered a strawberry tart. Mrs Graves, asked an inexperienced kitchen assistant to make a strawberry tart. But the assistant, however, made a non sweet pastry.

The result was so successful with the guest that the recipe became recognised as the Bakewell Pudding. Mrs Wilson, wife of a Tallow Chandler who lived in the cottage now known as The Old Original Bakewell Pudding Shop where candles were made, saw the possibility of making the puddings for sale and obtained the so-called recipe and commenced in a business of her own.

This claim is almost certainly spurious, as the pudding was by then already well-known, and its antecedents can be traced back to medieval times.

It is a contention of local history that the secret recipe for the Bakewell Pudding was left by Mrs Graves in her will to a Mr Radford, In turn Mr Radford passed the recipe on to Mr Bloomer. There is still a Bloomers Shop in Bakewell that makes and sells Bloomers Original Bakewell Puddings ®.

As with any traditional recipe, there are bound to be many different versions, especially if the original recipe is a well guarded secret.

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